About Us

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting us at Fell Casuals. 

We are a Mom and Pop T-Shirt design shop offering everyday wear for everyday people.

Our T-Shirt designs are crafted in-house and then printed on comfortable, casual shirts that are perfect for running the kids to practice, working on DIY projects, or just hanging out around a campfire with family.

We're not fashionistas or ultrachic.  We are a couple of jean and t-shirt wearing Generation Xers with three kids and two cats.  We grew up on Sesame Street, Atari, Strawberry Shortcake, and MTV.  If you landed on this page and have read this far, we probably have some things in common.

Fell Casuals was launched as a creative outlet to produce shirts that our family enjoys wearing, and our hope is that you will find enjoyment in wearing them as well.

Please take a look around our site.  We hope you’ll find something up your alley.  If you like what you see, please consider telling a friend about us.

Questions?  Drop us a line at info@fellcasuals.com

Thanks for stopping by.